6 Best Upfluence Alternatives & Competitors You Should Know in 2022


The world of influencer marketing is constantly evolving, and staying on top of the latest trends can be challenging. Upfluence has been one of the leading platforms for influencer marketing since its launch in 2016. But as the world of influencer marketing moves forward, so do the competitors and alternatives.


In this article, we’ll look at the 6 best Upfluence alternatives and competitors you should consider in 2022. We’ll explain why you might want to switch and what features each platform offers. We will also compare their pricing models, features, and what makes them stand out.


Upfluence Platform & Features:


Upfluence offers a suite of tools that help marketers identify and work with influencers. It’s designed to make the process of finding and managing influencers simpler, faster, and more efficient. Upfluence’s core features include a comprehensive influencer search engine and an analytics dashboard with detailed influencer performance metrics.


This platform helps brands and agencies manage campaigns, measure performance, and track ROI with detailed analytics. Upfluence also provides automated contracts and payment processing tools to simplify working with influencers.


What are the Upfluence Disadvantages?


While Upfluence offers a comprehensive set of features, the platform has some drawbacks.


Despite the powerful features offered by Upfluence other alternatives may be better fitted for certain types of businesses. These platforms offer different pricing models and feature sets that could meet your specific needs better than Upfluence. Different tools also provide more specialized functions, such as automated content tagging or influencer campaigns on multiple platforms.


Here are some of the disadvantages with Upfluence you should consider before using the platform:

High subscription cost:


The subscription price of Upfluence is among the highest in the market for influencer marketing platforms, which can be a deterrent for smaller businesses and startups. They also do not publish their prices publicly, making it difficult to estimate your potential costs accurately. This makes it worth considering other Upfluence alternatives to find more cost-effective solutions.


Contract length:


Upfluence requires customers to sign a minimum of 12 monthly contracts, which can be a problem if you only need the platform for a short period. Many Upfluence alternatives offer more flexible terms, including month-to-month plans or discounted annual subscriptions.


Small Database of Influencers:


Upfluence has a relatively small database of influencers when compared to other platforms. This can limit your chances of finding the right influencer for your campaign, especially if you are looking for specific niches or locations. Other alternatives offer larger databases with more diverse and comprehensive options, so it’s worth exploring those before committing to Upfluence. 


6 Best Upfluence Alternatives:


Now that we have looked at the pros and cons of Upfluence, let’s explore 6 of the best alternatives to consider in 2022. 


1. Influencify 


[Best for eCommerce brands, agencies]


  • Pricing: Starting from $148/month
  • Free trial option: 7 days free trial without credit card




  1. 34+ million influencer profiles
  2. Powerful search filters
  3. 60+ features/statistics/metrics
  4. Automated campaigns
  5. Customized package pricing
  6. Engagement rate and fake followers analytics
  7. Demographics insights to measure performance


What makes it a better alternative compared to Upfluence?


Upfluence offers a comprehensive suite of features, while Influencify is more specifically tailored to eCommerce businesses. Both platforms offer advanced search and analytics capabilities, but Influencify also provides an AI-driven influencer discovery engine. Upfluence requires a minimum of 12 monthly contracts, while Influencify has no contract length requirements. Upfluence also has a smaller database of influencers when compared to Influencify.


2. Traackr  

[Best for beauty and fashion brands and agencies]

  • Pricing: Starting price on request
  • Free trial option: No




  1. Relationship management and campaign monitoring
  2. Automated influencer discovery
  3. Detailed performance analytics
  4. Comprehensive CRM with tools for collaboration and outreach
  5. Robust influencer search filters
  6. Cost estimation tool with real-time visibility


What makes Traackr a better alternative compared to Upfluence?


Traackr is an ideal solution for beauty and fashion brands, as it offers specialized features such as the Audience Attributes tool. Upfluence does not offer this kind of deep dive into followers. Traackr’s performance analytics are more detailed than Upfluence, with features such as tracking influencers’ activities over time. Lastly, Traackr does not have any minimum contract length requirements, which makes it more flexible than Upfluence.


3. Grin 


[Best for e-commerce, athlete marketing, and affiliate marketing ]

  • Pricing: $2125.00 /month
  • Free trial option: No




  1. Influencer discovery with advanced filters
  2. Campaign tracking and analytics
  3. Automation of contract and payment management
  4. Comprehensive CRM
  5. Customizable workflows
  6. ROI tracking
  7. Influencer relationship management


What makes Grin a better alternative compared to Upfluence?


Grin is designed for larger businesses and agencies that need more comprehensive features than Upfluence. Grin has a powerful suite of influencer discovery tools, and its campaign tracking and analytics are more detailed. Additionally, Grin offers automated contract management, payment tracking, and ROI tracking, which Upfluence does not. Lastly, Grin has more sophisticated influencer relationship management tools than Upfluence.


4. CreatorIQ 

[Best for large Brands, agencies, and publishers]

  • Pricing: N/A
  • Free trial option: No




  1. Automated influencer search
  2. Detailed analytics on influencers’ engagement rates and audience demographics
  3. Campaign tracking
  4. Automated contract and payment management
  5. Customizable workflows
  6. Robust analytics at the campaign, program, and channel levels
  7. Comprehensive CRM


What makes CreatorIQ a better alternative compared to Upfluence?


CreatorIQ is best for large businesses that need a comprehensive influencer marketing platform. The platform’s powerful analytics are more detailed than Upfluence, with features like tracking influencers’ engagement rates and audience demographics. Additionally, CreatorIQ offers automated contract and payment management, which Upfluence does not. CreatorIQ has more sophisticated analytics at the campaign, program, and channel levels than Upfluence.


5. Hypeauditor 


[Best for market insights with influencer search]

  • Pricing: On Request
  • Free trial option: Yes, with basic features




  1. Powerful influencer search engine
  2. Detailed analytics on influencers’ engagement
  3. Social listening tools
  4. Automated content moderation
  5. Market insights with location-based data
  6. Influencer scoring systems
  7. Campaign tracking and ROI monitoring


What makes HypeAuditor a better alternative compared to Upfluence?


HypeAuditor is best for businesses that need powerful search and analytics capabilities. The platform’s advanced search engine helps identify influencers, while its detailed market insights provide valuable location-based data. Additionally, HypeAuditor offers automated content moderation and influencer scoring systems, which Upfluence does not. Lastly, HypeAuditor has more powerful campaign tracking and ROI monitoring tools than Upfluence.


6. Dovetale 


[Best for eCommerce brands to grow affiliate market]

  • Pricing: Starting from $99/month
  • Free trial option: No




  1. Influencer search engine
  2. Detailed influencer analytics
  3. Robust affiliate network for eCommerce brands
  4. Performance tracking and reporting
  5. Data import and export tools
  6. Automated contract and payment management


What makes Dovetale a better alternative compared to Upfluence?


Dovetale is best for eCommerce brands looking to grow their affiliate marketers. Social media influencers can easily be found and recruited through the platform, and detailed analytics help determine which influencer is best for a particular campaign. Additionally, Dovetale offers performance tracking and reporting and data import/export tools which Upfluence does not have. The pricing plans are also more reasonable than Upfluence’s, making it a great choice for brands on a budget.




Upfluence is a powerful influencer marketing platform, but other alternatives are available. Depending on your needs, one of the platforms listed above may be the better choice. From influencer search to analytics, each platform brings something unique to the table.


Whether you’re looking for a comprehensive influencer management solution or something more budget-friendly, these six Upfluence alternatives are worth considering. Just assess all of their features before making your final decision. Good luck!