Welcome to the land of fame and fortune, 2 paws edition! From doggos to kitties, these furry stars have harnessed their divine cuteness to become Instagram influencers. You can join their journey as they paw-sitively entertain and delight pet lovers worldwide.

Brands have long looked to influencers to promote their products, and pet influencers are no exception. These animal superstars make sure they’re looking paw-some with the latest fashion trends, and they get to enjoy an endless supply of treats.

Whether you’re looking for inspiring content to follow or need furry cuteness, these top pet influencers are here to provide. We’ve rounded up 15 of the best animal influencers you need to follow. So take a break from scrolling through your feed, and check out these pet superstars!

Who are Pet Influencers?

As you can see, pet influencers are the new trend in social media. But what exactly is a pet influencer?

Pet influencers are animals, usually cats and dogs, that have become social media stars. Through their adorableness and charisma, they have been able to amass millions of followers across multiple platforms, such as Instagram and YouTube.

These furry friends use their platform to promote products, share entertaining content, and spread a message of love and positivity. They’re more than just cute faces, though – pet influencers are powerful marketing tools as well.

Brands recognize the value of having a pet influencer on their side, which is why they often collaborate with them to increase visibility across social media platforms. This means that pet influencers can make a lot of money through their partnerships and even become millionaires.

The pet influencer industry is booming, with no signs of slowing down. In 2022, the pet care market was expected to reach $261 billion, and by 2027 it’s estimated to hit $350 billion. That’s a 6.1% compounded annual growth rate!

Brands are taking notice of this trend and are increasingly looking to pet influencers for marketing strategies. According to estimates, 22% of influencer-brand collaborations now involve an animal. And with above 800 million dogs and cats living in households around the world, it’s no wonder that pet influencers have become a powerful and sought-after marketing tool.

What Animals are Popular Among Pet Influencers?

Now that you know what a pet influencer is, let’s look at which animals are the most popular among pet influencers.

Unsurprisingly, dogs and cats top the list as the most popular pet influencers. Dogs are especially popular because of their eager-to-please personalities and goofy antics.

Smaller breeds such as Pomeranians, Shih Tzus, and Chihuahuas have become particularly sought after for their irresistibly cute faces and cuddly size. In addition, larger breeds like Golden Retrievers, Labradors, and German Shepherds are also gaining traction due to their goofy personalities and intelligence.

Cats are also popular pet influencers for their independent spirit and mischievous nature. Persians, British Shorthairs, and Sphynx cats are some of the most popular breeds among pet influencers, although mixed breeds are also becoming increasingly popular.

In addition to cats and dogs, a whole world of animals has made its mark in the pet influencer industry. Pigs, rats, rabbits, hedgehogs – you name it! These animals are often seen as unique and unexpected, and their quirky personalities make them so appealing to audiences.

What Brands Can Benefit from Partnering with Pet Influencers?

Now that we’ve explored the most popular animals among pet influencers let’s consider what brands can benefit from partnering with them.

Pet influencers are great for promoting pet-related products and services. Pet influencers can help boost sales and brand recognition, from pet food to toys to grooming tools, in an effective, subtle way.

In addition to pet products, pet influencers can also be used to promote other types of products. For example, fashion brands can partner with pet influencers to showcase their clothes and accessories on furry models.

Travel companies can also use pet influencers to highlight the pet-friendly features of their hotels and resorts. Pet influencers are a great way for brands to reach out to pet owners engagingly and entertainingly.

Partnering with a pet influencer can help increase the visibility of a brand’s product or service while tapping into the emotional connection that people have with their pets. This emotional connection can often be more powerful than traditional marketing, making it an effective tool for brands to boost sales.

The rise of best dog influencers is undeniable, with more and more brands taking notice of this powerful marketing tool. In addition, pet owners are increasingly willing to spoil their furry friends: 78% of dog owners buy presents for their dogs, and 31% even have clothes for them.

Top 15 Pet Influencers

Now that we’ve explored the power of pet influencers let’s take a look at some of the top pet influencers who are taking the industry by storm.

Jiffpom (@jiffpom)

With over 9.5 million followers on Instagram, this Pomeranian pup is one of the top dog influencers in the world. Jiffpom has been featured in music videos and commercials and is well-known for being an animal actor. He’s also a Guinness World Record holder for the fastest 10 meters on hind legs and 5 meters on front paws.

In a music video for the 2014 Katy Perry song “Dark Horse”, Jiffpom is seen running and playing with other animals. The video has been viewed over 2 billion times on YouTube and made Jiffpom an online celebrity. The brand has also successfully partnered with major brands such as Banana Republic and Target.

Nala Cat (@nala_cat)

Nala Cat is an adorable Siamese mix cat with over 4 million followers on Instagram. Her pictures include lounging around the house, playing with toys, and posing in different costumes. She got her Guinness World Record for the Most Popular Cat on Instagram in 2019.

Nala Cat was adopted from an animal shelter when she was two years old by her owner Varisiri Methachittiphan. She’s become a brand ambassador for PetSmart and Purina and has also been featured in campaigns for other brands.

Dough the Pug (@itsdougthepug)

Dough the Pug has over 3.7 million Instagram followers who have reached celebrity status. He’s been featured in television shows, magazines, and tours with his owner Leslie Mosier. His book “Doug the Pug: The King of Pop Culture” was released in 2016 and was accompanied by an international promotional tour.

Doug is also the brand ambassador for the pet products company Mighty Mojo Toys. He has a signature line of toys and apparel featuring his face. The owner of Doug the Pug has signed collaborations with many different brands, such as Bare Tree Media, Customized Personalized Products, Fathead, Inkology, and Komar Kids.

Juniper and Friends (@juniperfoxx)

Juniperfoxx is a foster fox from North America who was adopted at five weeks old. With over 2.9 million followers on the platform, this account showcases the adventures of these four furry friends as they explore the world together.

Juniper and her friends are the perfect ambassadors for raising awareness about the need to care for wild animals and promote responsible pet ownership. The account also promotes a compassionate lifestyle free of animal products, working with several cruelty-free brands to share their message.

Lil Bub (@iamlilbub)

Lil Bub is a special needs cat with over 2.5 million followers on Instagram. She has an extra toe and a tongue that sticks out due to a rare genetic mutation. Despite her disabilities, she can live a happy life thanks to the care of her owner Mike Bridavsky. The Lil Bub brand has been featured in books and media outlets such as Good Morning America, Bloom Magazin, and The New York Times.

In addition to appearing in movies, Lil Bub has also made appearances with other pet influencers. She even has her own line of merchandise that helps support animal rescue organizations. She died in 2019, but the Instagram account continues to share her story, to highlight rescue animals and special needs pets.

Harlow and Sage (@harlowandsage)

Harlow and Sage are two adorable Weimaraner and Miniature Dachshund dogs with over 1.6 million followers on Instagram. The account is dedicated to their adventures, featuring Harlow snuggling up to his little sister Indiana, Sage napping in the sun, and the duo venturing together for trips worldwide.

Harlow and Sage have worked with several pet brands, including the wisdom panel. They also appear in print, television, and online advertising campaigns for different companies to help promote responsible pet ownership. The account has become a source of education about the importance of adopting animals from shelters and providing insight into the special bond that siblings can share.

Norbert (@norbertthedog)

Norbert is a registered therapy dog and his picture book series star. He is suspected to be a mix between chihuahua, cairn terrier, and lhasa Apso breeds. With over 800k followers on Instagram, Norbert’s account features his adventures and some of the charitable activities he’s involved in.

Norbert has been featured on TV shows and magazine articles, and his book sale proceeds are donated to various charities throughout the United States. His owner Julie Steines works with various organizations to promote pet adoption, responsible pet ownership, and animal welfare.

Jill the Squirrel (@this_girl_is_a_squirrel)

Jill the Squirrel is a rescued gray squirrel with over 580k followers on Instagram. She was rescued from the aftermath of Hurricane Isaac in 2012 and has lived indoors ever since. Her account shows her living a life filled with love and adventure, playing with toys, exploring nature, and even dressing up in cute costumes.

Jill’s account has become a source of education about rescuing wildlife and responsible pet ownership. She also works with several animal charities to promote the message that all animals deserve love and respect, regardless of their size or species.

Geordi La Corgi & Scotty (@lacorgi)

This duo of Pembroke Welsh Corgis, Geordi La Corgi, and Scotty have combined for over 558k followers on Instagram. The account follows the adventures of these two pooches as they explore the world with their artist parents. The account’s initial theme was Star Trek-inspired and now features a fashionable take on cute animal pictures.

They offer their followers unique insights into the life of a pet influencer, as well as tips on how to care for their four-legged friends. They also work with several partners to help promote brands and charities to their followers.

Reagan Doodle (@reagandoodle)

This adorable Australian labradoodle is the star of her own Instagram account, with over 475k followers. Reagan loves to play, lick human faces, and pose for the camera. Her rare genetic mutation makes her look different from most other cute dogs. This special pup has her signature look, complete with a white stripe down the middle of her head.

Reagan frequently hangs out with Little Buddy, who is also an amazing dog influencer in his own right. Together these two make up one of the most adored pet duos on social media. They share a special bond, and it’s evident in every photo they take. From beach trips to dressing up, Reagan and Little Buddy have been through it together.

Nelson (@puppernelson)

This Bull Terrier is a social media star with over 360k followers on his Instagram account. His owners post wholesome and comedy content that keeps fans coming back for more. From playtime photos to funny musings, Nelson always has something to say.

Before making it big on social media, Nelson was just a pup who loved to play and explore. His owners launched his Instagram account in August 2017; the rest is history! Nelson is an icon known for his distinctive features and comedic posts. He’s even been featured in some popular memes!

Calippo & Dorito (@thewibbles)

The newest family members to join Instagram’s pet influencer community are the two cats of British singer-songwriter Ed Sheeran. Since their debut, they have gained over 262k followers on their joint account, aptly named “thewibbles.”

Calippo and Dorito make a great team as they explore their home and surroundings. Their account is full of funny and adorable photos showing how much these two cats love each other. They remind pet owners everywhere that all animals, big or small, deserve love and care.

Aspen the Mountain Pup (@aspenthemountainpup)

Aspen, the Insta-famous golden retriever, is not just a pretty face – he’s an adventure pup with an unquenchable thirst for life! Whether sledding down powdery slopes or canoeing across glassy lakes, Aspen loves to explore and experience the great outdoors. And if dog lovers keep an eye on his Instagram feed, they might get a glimpse of him donning his iconic sunglasses and backpack combo.

With 256K followers, Aspen has become a sensation in the pet influencer world. Aspen is an ambassador for the cities of Aspen, Jackson Hole, and Sun Valley in Colorado. He has also partnered with several brands to promote responsible pet ownership, including BarkBox, Petco, Candidae, Orijen, People Magazine, and Waterpik.

Golden Unicorn Rae (@goldenunicornrae)

The Golden Retriever, Rae, is a true unicorn with over 211K followers. She was born with a traumatic injury that left her with only one ear and many backstories. But instead of letting this hold her back, Rae used it to her advantage and became an Insta-famous pup!

Her owners often post heartwarming stories and photos of Rae, showing off her unique style. Her looks and personality have made her a real star amongst pet influencers. And Rae’s fame isn’t just restricted to the world of social media; She has also been featured in various outlets.

Cooper and Capo (@coop_and_capo)

The latest stars to join the pet influencer world are Cooper and Capo! These two toy Poodle brothers have over 30K followers combined. Their parents post adorable and funny dog photos that showcase the brothers’ amazing bond.

Cooper and Capo also love dressing up as superheroes, royalty, or even sporty gear. It’s hard not to smile at their photos, which is why so many people follow the brothers’ adventures on social media.

How Much Money Do Pet Influencers Earn?

But with all this fame comes a question – how much do these pet influencers earn?

Pet influencers can make big bucks through brand collaborations and sponsored posts like human celebrities. It’s estimated that pet influencers can earn up to $15,000 per post or even more in some cases. But most pet influencers start with smaller gigs, such as product reviews and giveaways.

With time, pet influencers can build a strong following that leads to more lucrative deals. However, pet owners need to remember that the welfare of their animals should always come first. It’s also important to be mindful of the brands you work with and ensure their values align with yours.

However, it’s important to note that since pet influencers don’t have unions or contracts, their salaries are not set in stone. So if you’re the proud pet parent of a furry friend and want to share their joy with the world, go ahead and give them their five minutes of fame! Who knows, they might become the next animal superstar.


From Jiffpom to Cooper and Capo, pet influencers have taken the internet by storm. With a combined following of millions, these animal superstars bring joy to many. Pet influencers can make big bucks through sponsored posts and other marketing activities. But even more importantly, they allow pet parents to connect with their furry friends like never before.

If you’re looking for furry inspiration, you can’t go wrong by following these 15 top pet influencers. So what are you waiting for? Get your business paw in the door with these pet influencers, and start creating pawsome content today!