I know that everyone has their own understanding of the word “best”. Nevertheless, this selection of companies is based on good (read clear) conditions of brand ambassador programs. These programs are well-thought and help both ambassadors and brands thrive through influencify.co

Red Bull

The energy drink brings together adrenaline lovers from all over the world. Within its brand ambassador programs, the brand involves active people who are not alien to sports and can align with the company values. Basically, ambassadors of Red Bull publish awesome pics and videos on social media where they are riding mountain bikes on a dangerous trail, doing breathtaking stunts, or any extreme sports, and somehow a can of beloved drink appears in the frame. With the aid of ambassadors, Red Bull is more and more perceived as the dealer of excitement, energy, and exclusivity.
Such collaborations help to maintain the brand’s image and gather like-minded people around it: young and active, as well as those who want to appear this way.


One of the largest sportswear manufacturers and designers is constantly looking for people engaged in sports to spread the word about the products and initiatives of Adidas. It’s vital for ambassadors to be passionate about the Adidas brand as well as be fit and lead a healthy lifestyle. Within an ambassador program, advocates should support the brand in sports events, create and develop a digital community of Adidas zealots, and participate in various communication campaigns. Take a look at the description of the Runtastic brand ambassador program by the Adidas group that was announced at the beginning of the year. Basically, the requirements for candidates and the benefits they get are similar for all Adidas ambassador programs.


To become the advocate of Canon, you need to be a highly-skilled photographer and/or videographer. However, it’s not enough to have the technical skills, it is also necessary to show that your photos have artistic value. If you want to jump on board, you have to prepare a good portfolio and contact a representative office of the company in your area. The latter applies to the head office where an authoritative committee picks the best candidates. Yes, it sounds like a long and thorny path. However, if you are into photography, it’s incredible to obtain recognition from such a world-famous brand.

Usually, a contract is signed with the ambassador for a certain period of time with the possibility of extending it. The terms of the contract are not disclosed. Find out more about the Canon Europe Ambassador Program via this link.


Adobe has succeeded in creating an excellent employee ambassador program. The employees just shared their experience of working for a company, telling behind-the-scenes-stories. It was noticed that such exposure on social media drove a great amount of interest, as well as increased the traffic to the website, and therefore, the revenue. Since then, the official program for employees has been working at Adobe. They undertake special training to share Adobe Life in a more professional way. It significantly encourages the workers and brings Adobe to the next level.

Besides a program for employees, there is the Adobe Creative Insider Ambassador Program. In a word, to join the ranks of brand ambassadors, you should use the apps of the company and have design expertise in photography, video, UX design, etc.


The ambassador program by Lululemon is on the A-list of many people. The company is mainly focused on engaging yoga instructors and fitness representatives. Lululemon provides them with gear to put on while training, going out. The condition is to showcase their experience with the brand online. At present, Lululemon has two groups of advocates: global ambassadors and store ambassadors. If such an experience resonates with you, learn more here.


Brand ambassador programs are mutually beneficial for brands and ambassadors. At present, companies are interested in building strong bonds with influencers. It means that creating such a program and attracting suitable people can assist them in this effort. Collaborating with a brand within such a program, you, being an influencer, formalize your relationship, upgrade your social media presence, enhance your reputation, and improve your image. All you have to do is to find a brand that aligns with your values and interests and apply for collaboration. Isn’t it time to make it now?