A successful influencer marketing campaign must begin with the influencer outreach strategy that best fits the message. Brand managers send messages right and left to see if they can get responses from influencers. With the influx of new ways of communicating, we’ll examine each method and the pros and cons of each way of getting influencers on board.

Using the DM: Influencer outreach strategy.

In terms of direct messaging for brand marketing, Instagram influencers may be the most contacted. They are more active on the platform and have open DMs. They are more responsive and can answer your queries.

One way to avoid having people feel that you’re spamming them is to send them a template. Your DM template would be a short message that they could save and use to reply to you with a more personalized message. To add some customization, include some personalization so that you aren’t impersonal like a one-line email. In terms of language and text style, the best way to write a paraphrase is to match the style of the original article

You’ve Got Mail

Email is a tried and true way to approach an influencer to ask them to follow you on social media. Once the influencer responds, it is worth following up with further messages in order to continue the conversation.

The Influencify dashboard will include influencers’ social media details. That will allow you to directly message them, or if you want to use the Quick Invite function you can do that too.

To do email outreach, the best approach is to craft a compelling subject line. People won’t open your message if it doesn’t catch their attention. Try to do a little trial and error to find out which subject lines work the best.

You’ll build your small influencers army if you keep reaching out at a steady pace. You never know which one will be your next big influencer opportunity!