Do you need some guidance with your makeup skills? Or perhaps you’re wanting to market your product via a beauty influencer? Either way, we’ve prepared a list of the top 10 beauty influencers at the moment for you. The beauty influencers we highlight on this list come from a variety of backgrounds, including makeup artists, skincare experts, and beauty enthusiasts, but they all have one trait: they are the ones to look to for the newest trends, the greatest products, and education on all thing’s beauty.


1. ISABEL HONEY MALIK (@queen_honeymalik)

Number of followers: 13.6K followers

Who am I: content creator + nursing student

Isabel is not only a creative and talented content creator but also a nursing student!! WOW! It’s definitely admirable :D She has engaging content on both Instagram and YouTube channels! Creativity is definitely her strong side!


2. Kim Bui (

Number of followers: 9,070 followers

Who am I: Co-Owner Permanent Makeup Specialist since 2016; Artist & Trainer

Kim is a multitalented woman, who shares her passions in highly interesting contentment on Instagram😊 She is a co-owner of Kim also had been specializing in permanent makeup since 2016! She is both an artist & trainer from whom, undoubtedly, we can learn a lot! Check out her amazing Instagram! 


3. Mackenzie Stefania  (@mackenziestefania)

Number of followers: 16.5K followers

Who am I: Entrepreneur

Mackenzie is an entrepreneur who creates engaging content not only on her Instagram account but also on TikTok and she even runs her own YouTube channel!!  She is a Romanian based in Canada!


4. Alex Rondina  (@alex.rondina)

Number of followers: 7,855 followers

Who am I: Makeup Artist

Alex has sooo many passions including traveling and makeup and beauty in general! She works as a makeup artist for Sephora in Canada and fascinatingly shares her knowledge on her Instagram profile! If you ever need or look for inspiration for your makeup, you can visit her Insta and follow her tips and ideas!


5. Kavita Suri (@kavitasuri_beautyinc)

Number of followers: 5,488 followers

Who am I: Owner of @infusemedspa @infusederm

Kavita is a fearless and amazing woman who is also an owner of @infusemedspa and @infusederm! The content on her Instagram account is breathtaking! And there is no way you could ever get bored of scrolling through her amazing posts! We can find out more about Kavita on her website!


6. Maii (@mtl.maii)

Number of followers: 17.9K followers

Who am I: Digital creator

Maii is a digital creator who creates the most amazing content you can imagine! It’s not a surprise as Maii is a photographer… art director… and social media manager!!! Can you imagine how talented person Maii is? 


7. Lavinia Rusanda (@laviniarusanda)

Number of followers: 25.4K followers

Who am I: Video creator

Lavinia is a video creator who shares her content not only on Instagram but also on TikTok and YouTube! She promotes skincare as the best makeup and I couldn’t agree more! Everyone who has ever been insecure about their skin should visit her profile as she spreads sooo much positivity and better tips on how to take care of it!


8. Anora (@anoras_beautyworld)

Number of followers: 14.3K followers

Who am I: Content Creator; Beauty Influencer


Anora is another person on this list who’s wildly talented! She is a professional makeup & special occasion hair artist; content creator and beauty influencer!!! I just loved going through her posts one after the other and getting inspired by this amazing content! I mean it’s really hard not to be amazed by it!


9. Fatima Dahrouge (@makeupby_fatimaa)

Number of followers: 16.6K followers

Who am I: Makeup Artist

Fatima is a certified makeup artist with 16.6K followers on her Instagram account!! Going through her posts convinced me that she can create all kinds of makeup for various occasions! And they all look soooo great and professional! And the best thing is everyone can make an appointment there! So exciting!   


10. Narjiss M’rabti (@narjiss_nanita)

Number of followers: 63.5K followers

Who am I: makeup artist; hairstylist

Another woman of many talents! Narjiss is a hairstylist, expert colorist… and makeup artist!

Her work is AMAZING! It’s a full package! You can learn from her about hair and makeup, coloring and so much more! Scrolling through her Instagram posts is like a journey full of vivid colors and inspirations😊


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Written by Adrianna Antczak