The top fashion influencers in New York City not only have a large global audience but also special tales to share about companies and their goods. In exchange for sharing their fashion tastes, they work with businesses to create sponsored items or creative collaborations. The majority of firms employ fashion influencers as a strategy to promote their collections and brand narrative.

New York is the world’s center for fashion and beauty, and many of the top fashion and beauty products can be found here, thus New York fashion bloggers are discovered early on, and their sense of style will influence you more than it will anywhere else.


1. Karan Malik (@karanmalikofficial)

Number of followers: 32.3K followers

Who am I: Sr. Tech Manager @amazon, Model, Activist, International Humanitarian & Mr. India America Awardee

Karan is a multi-talented person, which many achievements on his account. He works not only as a Sr. Tech Manager @amazon but also Model. He’s an Activist, International Humanitarian & Mr. India America Awardee! Isn’t it impressive?! His amazing posts and vivid pictures on his Instagram account are the best business card anyone could have! Need proof?! Check out how many followers he already has!


2. Josh Daley (@joshuabdaley)

Number of followers: 8,772 followers

Who am I: Fashion & Lifestyle content creator

Josh is a fashion & lifestyle content creator from New York, who works hard not only on the content on his Instagram account but also on his TikTok and YouTube channels! You can not like his content! It’s so interesting and inspiring, and I am pretty sure that everyone who has even the smallest interests in fashion will agree with me 😉 


3. Allysa (@alyssat626)

Number of followers: 6,253 followers

Who am I: Digital creator

Allysa is a Fashion influencer and digital creator who’s based in New York. I highly recommend visiting her Instagram profile as it’s full of AMAZING posts about fashion and travel, and so much more! I mean if you travel the world, you also need to have great outfits 😉 and Allysa is an absolute inspiration to that.


4. T. Espinoza (@thestylemedic)

Number of followers: 2,392 followers

Who am I: DC Influencer | Occasional Model

Espinoza is a DC Influencer but she also does occasionally some modeling. Her posts are so good and engaging that once you get into her account, you want to be able to stop scrolling through her Instagram. She even has her blog!! Check it out: and see you there 😉


5. Michael (@michael.pomarico)

Number of followers: 10.3K followers

Who am I: Public figure

Michael is another male representative on our list 😊 He runs a few accounts on different social media platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat! He also has a YouTube channel! I think anyone will simply enjoy surfing through and learning from his content.


6. Alyssa Casa (@alyssacasa)

Number of followers: 14.2K followers

Who am I: Public figure; International Model- Runway & Print, Actress- Film, Commercial & TV, Fashion Designer

Another successful person among our top influencers! This young lady is an international model- Runway & Print, an Actress- Film, Commercial & TV, and Fashion Designer @alyssacasadesigns !!!

In her account, you can find interesting content where you can see how passionate she is bout her life and all the projects she’s been a part of!


7. Emily Guzek (@emily_guzek)

Number of followers: 2,826 followers

Who am I: Fashion Designer

If you go through Emily’s Instagram, you will have no doubts that she is a designer and stylist! She says she’s “addicted to buying clothes” which is something so many of us can relate to. While scrolling through her Instagram, we see how well-matched each outfit is and how well-balanced and tasteful her pictures are!  


8. Emily Collins (@emilyc4513)

Number of followers: 1,933 followers

Who am I: Digital creator

Another amazing and talented digital creator! Going through her post we can see how colorful and the cheerful person she is!  The content that she creates engages us to keep following her and her next projects! I think her vibrant picture matches the phrase she stated in her account with is “Every moment matters”.


9. Mr. Egami (@egamicollection)

Number of followers: 7,792 followers

Who am I: Designer

Mr. Egami is a designer and a custom tailor who is very talented and has a lot of fashion knowledge! He dresses professionals, politicians, athletes, celebrities, and others, which is just another proof of how good he is! It is so worth checking his Instagram but also his website: where we can find his collections! 


10. SAKSHI (@sakshi.dewan)

Number of followers: 8,823 followers

Who am I: Digital creator

Sakshi is a digital creator based in NYC, who juggles her professional and private lives as she is a mom to a little girl. She says that “shopping is her therapy”  and I think it’s so awesome and so right because if you go through her account you will get instant fashion inspiration  😉 


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Written by Adrianna Antczak