Hollywood is located in California, yet many content producers are finding success online while others want stardom on the big screen. Influencers are those who are adept at interacting with audiences through entertaining and educational information. As a result, they provide marketers with a fun approach to increasing the reach of their brands. There are hundreds of influencers in California, according to a quick influencer discovery search, but these are the top 10.

1. Allie Tong (@allie.eats) 

Number of followers: 103K followers

Who am I: Food blogger

On her account, Allie offers a variety of recipes for mouthwatering dinner suggestions. Her images are vivid and alive! She works on both her TikTok and Instagram accounts from her home base in San Francisco. She has been putting a lot of effort into her profile since she has so many fans who support her food journey. As she says: the best kinds of people are those who like to eat🍴.

2. Caroline Pardilla (@carolineoncocktails)

Number of followers: 24.1K followers

Who am I: Digital creator/Content Editor

Caroline is a digital creator who posts images of various cocktails with stunning settings on her Instagram. Her signature line sums up her work: “On the hunt for the next cocktail to ‘gram.” She has been gaining more and more followers, which indicates that her fame has grown as a result of her work. She works out of California’s Los Angeles. For more fascinating information and inspirations, we can check out her website and follow her: https://www.carolinepardilla.com/.

3. Sarah Williams (@nutritionalsarah)

Number of followers: 141K followers

Who am I: registered dietitian

Sarah Williams has superhuman strength! She is excellent at juggling her personal and professional lives.   She is a fantastic mother to her little one while also working as a dietician, where she offers all of her expertise on nutritious cuisine. Her work is wildly valued by others, as she already has 141K followers on her Instagram account. She already has 141K followers on Instagram, demonstrating the high regard in which people hold her work. Her posts are informative and interesting since they contain intriguing images, videos, and captions. She also created a food bible – an e-recipe book, where she shares some recipes and nutrition tips!

4. Jenn Harris (@jenn_harris_)

Number of followers: 37.7K followers

Who am I: Journalist

Jenn Harris is a journalist, who is “always hungry for another bite”. She is a columnist for the Food section at @latimesfood and the host of “The Bucket List: Dumplings”. She shares in her content many delish dishes, desserts, and other yummy things, so it’s the perfect place for all the foodies, as everyone can find and get inspired by her posts. 

5. Clarissa (@clarissaskitchen)

Number of followers: 4,506 followers

Who am I: Professional cook

Clarissa’s posts include gluten-free recipes, that are not only delicious but also simple & healthy. She’s been getting more and more noticed as 4,502 people already follow her on her Instagram account. She is also present on other platforms such as YouTube or TikTok. Gluten-free foods are not an easy topic, and one may wonder how and why did she get into it. Well, she shares that story with her followers. Clarissa found out she was allergic to gluten in 2012, which completely changed her life. As she says “I had to adopt healthy eating very quickly. Now, it’s become a lifestyle for me.” 

6. Erica Lovelace (@ericalovelacecooks)

Number of followers: 74.1K followers

Who am I: Blogger

Erica is a bright student at a cooking school who is dedicated to pursuing her passion for cooking! She has incredible videos on TikTok in addition to Instagram. Since she regularly publishes intriguing and motivational recipes on her site, it is not surprising that she already has a significant audience on Instagram.

7. Michaela Putala (@food.peace.nutritionist)

Number of followers: 62.1K followers

Who am I: Dietitian

Michaela Putala is an experienced nutritionist who is committed to providing healthy, balanced meals for everyone. By combining her knowledge of nutrition and health, she creates a space for everyone who wants to learn healthy rules and eat deliciously at the same time. Her knowledge is much appreciated and valued as she already has 62.1K Instagram followers. 

8. Eddie Sanchez (@hungryinla)

Number of followers: 106K followers

Who am I: Digital creator/food photographer/cook/blogger

Eddie Sanchez, a digital creator and “LA native looking for the best eats”. It’s easy to tell that Eddie is a food photographer. Unique and vivid images of different foods are posted all over his Instagram and he has already been appreciated by over 106,000 followers. Flipping through his pages will surely make you hungry!

9. Ethan & Kim- Food & Travel Blog (@photogenicfoodies)

Number of followers: 13.2K followers

Who are we: Bloggers

What’s better than living a life full of travel and food? … That’s right, nothing! Ethan & Kim are “two foodies featuring their favorite travel & food experiences around the world!”. By scrolling through their Instagram account, which already has 13.2K followers, you can “taste” and learn about different cuisines from different parts of the world. Soo YUMMY!

10. Yen Kim Phan (@foodiswhyimbroke)

Number of followers: 122K followers

Who am I: Blogger

Yen is a genius- A food & Travel Blogger, whose content is so tempting… and delicious! It’s not just about food, it’s also about lifestyle! And she’s doing an amazing job on her account as nearly 122K people follow her! Her catchphrase: “Stay Hungry. Stay Broke.” is so relatable to so many of us!  I mean, who doesn’t like moving from place to place and trying new foods? Let’s all stay hungry for the next adventure!



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