Top 10 Influencer Marketing Agencies in NYC

The ultimate top 10 influencer marketing agencies in NYC guide is right in front of you! Influencer marketing agencies in NYC have a unique set of advantages that make them stand out from the competition. From their strong connections to the local influencer community, to their expertise in creatively leveraging the power and reach of social media, these companies are well-positioned to help brands get maximum return on investment (ROI) from influencer campaigns. We will discuss the top influencer marketing agencies in NYC, and why they should be considered for your next campaign. We hope you find our overview useful as you explore your options for working with a NYC company for your influencer marketing needs. Now let’s take a closer look at the top 10 influencer marketing agencies in New York. 

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1. Influencify

Founded: 2020

 Influencify is a global influencer marketing platform. The main goal of Influencify is to reach a global market helping brands connect with influencers all around the globe! We offer a free demo which can help brands get an insight of what the partnership is all about. We focus on finding the perfect influencers for your brand through our influencer database which consists of 34+ millions. Also, our website offers free tools such as a free fake Instagram follower checker and a Tik Tok engagement calculator. Our experienced team tailors the whole experience to your brands’ needs guaranteeing results. 

2. New Moon

Founded: 2008

New Moon is an influencer marketing agency founded in New York. It is a creative agency, providing content creation, strategy building, designing, and other innovative services. In the past, they have connected with brands such as Porsche, Budweiser, Puma, and Pandora with experienced creators and ran campaigns with tactics like storytelling and creativity.  

3. CMM

Founded: 2005

CMM have a network of social media talents and celebrities who have worked with Revlon, Cosmoprof, Got2b. They use brand storytelling, press relations, talent relations, virtual and offline events to connect brands with their respective audiences. 

4. ITB

Founded: 2009

ITB is an influencer marketing agency based in New York, having offices in Los Angeles and London. Additionally, ITB handles consultations and promotes influencer’s content on social media to create campaign ideas e.g., Knorr, MAC Cosmetics, H&M, JBL, Revlon, Mango.

5. Socialfly

Founded: 2012

Social fly is a women-led influencer marketing agency in New York. If you’re a brand with a niche audience, this agency will help you target them. It has helped SlimFast, Alex and Ani, Discovery, Happy Family. They use an in-house tool to get data and insights on campaign performance. The team manages everything from product gifting to advertising on social media, paid partnerships, and traffic attainment.  

6. The Spark Group

Founded: 2010

The Spark Group is an influencer marketing agency based in NYC. They are a collective of creators that design, develop, strategize, manage, idealize, and optimize their campaigns. They have worked with many big brands including airbnb NY, Thai Airways, Booksy, LBC.

7. Kaplow

Founded: 1991

Kaplow is an influencer marketing agency based in New York. They collaborate with health, wellness, beauty, fashion, and lifestyle companies. Their main focus is on customized strategy structure on unique brand requirements. They provide social media marketing, brand strategy, and other digital services. Some of the brands they have worked with include Skype, Target, Aimm. 

8. IMA Agency

Founded: 2010

IMA agency is an influencer marketing agency based in New York. This agency helps brands engage and activate audiences worldwide through top influencers. They develop and execute creative influencer marketing strategies to amplify brand stories at scale and reach millions of people. They have offices in New York, Los Angeles, Amsterdam and London. Their offices provide full-service influencer marketing strategies.

9. Inbeat Agency

Founded: 2018

Inbeat is an influencer marketing agency based in New York. It helps businesses and brands build influencer marketing strategies and also works with nano, micro, and macro influencers in New York City. They also offer a large influencer database which makes it easy to target relevant influencers. The agency has helped many brands with their campaigns including New Balance, Disney, 7-ELEVEN, Nissan.

10. Kellyco Marketing

Founded: 2002

Kellyco Marketing is an influencer marketing agency based in New York. This agency strives to deliver the highest-quality cost-effective strategic brand, marketing and creative solutions to brands. This agency mostly specializes in digital design. Some of the brands they have collaborated with are Allianz, Ticketmaster, Sony, UBS.


In conclusion, influencer marketing is one of the most effective ways to reach customers. It allows businesses to leverage influencers’ networks, often made up of highly engaged followers, to target a specific audience. With the right influencer on board, businesses can easily increase their visibility and credibility. Customers tend to purchase more when an influencer is promoting a product which aids businesses with reaching their target audience more effectively. It’s an invaluable tool for businesses looking to expand their reach and build relationships with customers.  Hopefully this article navigated you to find an influencer marketing agency from our list of top 10 influencer marketing agencies in NYC.


Written by Natalia Kaldunek