The term “influencer” used to have no meaning; nevertheless, it is now used to describe both a career and a way of life. These social figures have a distinct brand called “travel influencers,” and whether you’re searching for some ideas for your next journey or just want to daydream, there are some you really must follow.

Join these enthusiastic travel influencers as they show you the world’s most breathtaking beaches, restorative retreats, sizzling colored springs, spectacular cityscapes, and the enchanting starry night sky.


1. Fahima (@fahima)

Number of followers: 6,855 followers

Who am I: Digital creator

The first on our list is amazing Fahima! She is a digital creator based in Melbourne! You can tell she’s multi-talented as she does a little bit of everything such as photography and travel and gratitude!! I think it’s the best combination one could imagine! And she shows us on her account how to appreciate the beauty of the world!

2. Debs (@travelinstylewithdebs)

Number of followers: 13.4K followers

Who am I: Digital creator

Another super talented woman on the list! When I start listing things about her everyone will be instantly amazed! Most of all she is a fashion/travel content creator as we can tell after seeing her amazing posts! But also, a Melbourne explorer and freelance model with great taste in fashion!


3. Lauren Thomas (@laurennatarsha)

Number of followers: 5,747 followers

Who am I: Senior Publicist | Destination Gold Coast


Lauren is a senior publicist from the Gold Coast who’s all into travel and dining and wildlife! It is pretty impressive when someone has so many interests and can appreciate life in such a way! What I love the most about traveling is that people can learn about the culture of the place and also from their food and drinks! And I believe Lauren makes the most of it!

4. Charlene (@charlene_travels)

Number of followers: 7,066 followers

Who am I:  Personal blogger

Next on our list is Charlene, who’s a blogger based in Sydney! For me, as someone whose biggest dream is to travel the world, her content is highly inspiring!!! I just LOVE going through her vivid posts! It makes me feel like I wanna pack my suitcase right away and just fly anywhere in this world! Also, she gives us a chance to be a part of those adventures on her website: 

5. Anoosha (@sydney.diary)

Number of followers: 12.1K followers

Who am I: Digital creator

Anoosha is a digital creator who’s currently based in Australia! A woman of many interests such as beauty, lifestyle, and travel but at the same time, she finds time to be fully present for her little one as she’s a new Mama! 😊 She shares very engaging content on her Instagram account!


6. Sarah & G | Eco Travel Couple (@vegan.traveldiaries)

Number of followers: 18.3K followers

Who am I: Digital creators

I just admire everything about this couple! As a vegetarian and a person who dreams about traveling the world, I need to say their profile and content are just AWESOME! They create video travel guides that can help anyone who dreams about this kind of lifestyle😊 They also promote sustainability and cruelty-free tourism which makes them a real power couple😊

7. Ella (@_lapofthemap)

Number of followers: 18K followers

Who am I: Digital creator

Ella is another influencer and digital creator on our list! Going through her content makes you want to pack your backpack and go on an adventure! And she’s helping everyone who needs tips! She creates free mini-travel guides for everyone interested in such a lifestyle! She also offers a masterclass for everyone who wants to learn how to make a digital income!

8.  Aisha (@aisha_fiji)

Number of followers: 15.2K followers

Who am I: Digital creator

Aisha is a digital creator who offers tips about things to do in Sydney & Fiji!! So if those places are on your bucket list, I highly recommend you to visit her profile where you can find interesting and inspiring content! After all, as a travel blogger, she’s a real specialist in this area :D 

9. Jacquii Lie Frank (@jacquiifrank)

Number of followers: 36K followers

Who am I: Digital creator

Jacquii is also a digital creator with 36K followers on her Instagram!! It’s not a surprise as her posts as sooo amazing and colorful and inspiring and the same time! She is our “go-to girl for travel & food destinations”! we can learn more on her incredible website: 

As Jacquii writes on her profile, she shares hidden gems, local happenings, style & Disney fun since 2011! Now let’s do the math how long has she been doing this 😎


10. Ryan Rebi (@ryan.rebi)

Number of followers: 13.7K followers

Who am I: Digital creator

Ryan is a digital creator who lives in Australia! He doesn’t only run a successful Instagram account but he has also traveling and living vlog in Australia! So if anyone ever wants to learn more about this country from the perspective of the person who’s been traveling there for quite a long time, that person should do the extra stop on his Instagram page :D 


So… what is the journey to becoming a Travel influencer?

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Written by Adrianna Antczak