Top 14 Most Profitable Instagram Niches in 2022

Have you ever wanted to capitalize on Instagram’s immense potential as a business platform? It’s no secret that Instagram has grown to be one of the biggest and most powerful social media marketing platforms on the planet.

With 1.44 billion active users, businesses all over the world have taken advantage of this social media platform to grow and build relationships with their customers. But what are the most profitable Instagram niche ideas in 2021?

We have done all the work for you by identifying the top 14 most profitable Instagram niches. Keep reading to find out what they are and how to get a piece of the pie.

What is a Niche, and Why is it Important?

Before we get into the nitty-gritty of the most profitable Instagram niches, let’s quickly go over what a niche is and why it’s important.

A niche is a specific topic, market, or segment you can focus on to gain an audience and grow your business. You don’t want to spread yourself too thin by targeting everyone, so it’s important to know how to find your niche on Instagram and focus on that. Regarding your Instagram professional account, you must be even more precise with your niche to stand out and attract your target audience.

Here are some reasons why narrowing down your niche is important in social media platforms:

Reach more potential customers

By narrowing down your niche, you can be more targeted with your content and reach the right audience. The more targeted your content and audience, the more likely you’ll be to reach potential customers.

Build a loyal following

By focusing on a specific niche, you can build a loyal following that will stay with your business for the long haul. When you focus on a particular niche, your followers will be more likely to engage with and share your content, which can help you grow even more.

Increase engagement

By understanding your niche, you can create more relevant and engaging content for your followers. When they see content that interests them and resonates with their needs, they’re more likely to engage with it.

Less Competition

By targeting a specific niche, you’ll have less competition, which means you can gain an advantage over other businesses. You can be the go-to business for your niche and build relationships with customers looking for exactly what you offer.

14 Best Instagram Niches that Bring Money

Now that you know why it’s important to narrow down your niche, let’s look at the 14 best Instagram niches that bring money.

1. Health and Fitness Niche

With the rise of health consciousness all around, this niche is at the top of our list regarding profitability. According to Statista, in 2022, the health and fitness industry is expected to be worth over $32 billion. That’s a whole lot of dough!

Health and fitness influencers are the go-to people for leading a healthy lifestyle. Content about this niche typically focuses on health-related topics such as diet and nutrition, exercise routines and tips, general wellness advice, product reviews, and more.

You are providing people with valuable information that can help them become healthier and stronger, and you’re also helping to create a more health-focused world. Plus, it’s easy to monetize this niche by partnering with fitness brands or creating your fitness guides or products.

Advantages of Health and Fitness Niche

  • The health and fitness industry is expected to grow in the coming years.
  • Instagram theme pages ideas related to this niche are relatively easy to create as it doesn’t require special knowledge or skills.
  • People are more likely to buy products related to health and fitness, making it an ideal niche for influencers looking to monetize their accounts.
  • There’s plenty of competition, making finding product recommendations and partnerships easy.
  • You can build long-term relationships with your followers by providing them with valuable content they can use daily.

2. Fashion Niche

You don’t have to be a fashionista to make money in this niche. This lifestyle category is one of Instagram’s most popular and profitable niches, with influencers raking in big bucks. The statistics speak for themselves— According to business research, the fashion industry is predicted to be worth as much as $606 billion by 2022.

Fashion influencers are always in demand, as they’re seen as experts on the latest trends and help their followers stay on top of what’s hot (and not). Content related to this niche typically includes product reviews, styling tips, outfit inspiration, makeup tutorials, and more.

Advantages of Fashion Niche

  • Fashion influencers have a huge potential to make money.
  • With the rising popularity of online shopping, brands are eager to work with influencers in this space.
  • There is always something new for fashion influencers to discuss – trends come and go quickly.
  • Fashion influencers get the chance to work with some of the most prestigious brands in the world.

3. Beauty Niche

The beauty brand is a highly profitable niche, with a global worth of over US$528.60 billion in 2022. Beauty influencers are experts in the field, and their content is often aspirational and aspirational-adjacent. Beauty influencers can show off their styles and review makeup, skincare products, and more.

Because of its wide appeal, and beauty industry will likely have a large following in 2022. They often use brand partnerships or affiliate marketing links to make money, but they can also make a great living through sponsored content and speaking engagements.

Plus, beauty products are expected to continue growing in 2022, so there’s plenty of potential for influencers who focus on this topic.

Advantages of Beauty Niche

  • The beauty niche is growing, so there’s plenty of potential for influencers.
  • Influencers can make money through sponsored content, brand partnerships, and affiliate marketing links.
  • Beauty influencers have a wide range of topics to explore, from makeup reviews to skincare tips.
  • This niche has a broad appeal so that influencers can reach a wide audience.
  • Beauty influencers often have an aspirational tone, which can inspire and motivate their followers.
  • Influencers in this niche can also host speaking engagements and build their brand.

4. Travel and Adventure Niche

Are you a wanderlust? Then this is the niche for you. Travel and adventure influencers have become increasingly popular over the years, with more people looking to explore the world around them. In 2022, this niche will continue to grow, with people looking for tips on where to go, what to do, and more.

People are increasingly looking for unique experiences, so if you can provide them with amazing content about the places you go to, you’ll see results! Content typically includes breathtaking photos and videos from around the world, captivating stories about a person’s travels, and tips for exploring destinations on a budget.

You can expect this to remain a profitable Instagram niche if you keep your audience hooked with professional-quality content.

Advantages of Travel & Adventure Niche

  • Travel and adventure influencers get to explore the world while earning money.
  • You can share unique stories, experiences, and tips with your audience.
  • There is always something new to explore and post about.
  • Your content will be appreciated by a wide variety of viewers.
  • You can collaborate with other influencers, hotels, and travel companies.

5. Gaming Niche

The gaming industry is booming right now, with more and more people turning to video games for entertainment. As a result, the gaming niche will be one of the best Instagram categories in 2022. Influencers in this space typically post about new releases, game reviews, tips & tricks, and gaming-related news.

This very profitable Instagram niche is highly competitive, but if you can offer unique content and gain a substantial following, you could make a decent amount of money. You’ll need good knowledge about the gaming industry and staying on top of the latest trends to succeed.

Advantages of Gaming Niche

  • You can build a strong connection with your followers by discussing the games they love.
  • Growth potential is high as the gaming industry continues to expand.
  • High demand for content, especially when new releases come out.
  • You can collaborate with game developers and get free games in exchange for publicity.
  • You can monetize Instagram themes for business with sponsored posts or affiliate marketing.

6. Food Niche

If you’re a foodie, this is one of the best categories for Instagram. Food influencers have been around since Instagram first started, and they’re still going strong. In 2022, this niche will continue to be profitable as people look for mouthwatering recipes, restaurant reviews, and unique food-related content.

Food influencers typically post about new restaurants they’ve tried, recipes they’ve created, kitchen tips & tricks, and more. Be creative with your posts and perfect your photography skills – viewers will appreciate it!

Advantages of Food Niche

  • You can be creative with food recipes, styling, and presentation
  • People love to get inspired by different types of cuisines
  • You can collaborate with restaurants, chefs, or cafes in your area
  • Lots of potential for engaging content
  • You’ll gain a strong following quickly!

7. Pets Niche

Pets are one of the most beloved topics on Instagram, and that’s unlikely to change in 2022. This niche is especially popular among younger audiences who can’t get enough cute animals (who can blame them?). Pet influencers share content about their pets, tips for pet owners, and reviews of pet products.

This niche is especially profitable for influencers who can create content focusing on the bond between people and their pets. If you’re passionate about animals and love to share stories about your pet, this could be the perfect niche for you!

Advantages of Pets Niche

  • It appeals to a wide variety of audiences, from young children to adults
  • It’s easy to find relevant images and videos for posts
  • Pets are naturally photogenic, so your photos will be high-quality
  • Reviews of pet products can be incredibly profitable for influencers
  • You can often find sponsorships or paid partnerships with pet-related brands

8. Education Niche

Education is an evergreen topic, and more people are turning to social media for educational content in 2022. This niche is great for influencers who have experience teaching or tutoring, but there’s still plenty of room for other education-related posts.

For example, you can create video tutorials on various topics, share study tips & tricks, or review educational resources. This is a great niche for influencers who want to help others learn and grow.

Advantages of Education Niche

  • Education is a great way to help people reach their goals.
  • You can easily target a specific demographic or age group.
  • There’s always something new to teach and share.
  • Education is an evergreen niche with the potential for long-term success.

9. Art & Design Niche

Art and design are incredibly popular topics on Instagram, and people are always looking for new content in this niche. In 2022, art & design influencers will have the chance to post about various topics, such as home decor, fashion trends, tattoos, or even their artwork.

This niche is great for influencers who have a creative eye and want to showcase their talents. You can post about new art materials, give design tips & tricks, or review products related to art & design. The possibilities are endless!

Advantages of Art & Design Niche

  • People are always looking for new design ideas and art pieces, so this niche will never go out of style.
  • You can create creative content that stands out from the crowd, making it easier for you to attract followers.
  • You can collaborate with other Instagram influencers or local businesses in the design industry, giving you more potential for growth.

10. DIY & Crafts Niche

DIY & crafts are popular topics on Instagram, as people love to get creative! If you have experience in this area, you can create content that teaches others how to do various projects or reviews craft supplies. You can also post about your projects and share tips & tricks for getting the most out of craft materials.

The beauty of this niche is that there are numerous sources of income associated with it. You can sell your products, such as patterns, kits, and instructional videos. You can also offer tutorials and e-books for a fee or promote affiliate links for craft supplies. There’s potential to earn good money in the DIY & crafts niche if you have the right skills and a creative eye.

Advantages of DIY & Crafts Niche

  • You can get creative and have fun.
  • There’s potential to make good money through sales, affiliate links, and tutorials.
  • You don’t need a huge following for success – just an audience of engaged followers interested in your work.
  • You don’t need any expensive equipment or materials to get started.
  • You can use the same materials for multiple projects, so you don’t have to buy new supplies all the time.

11. Lifestyle Niche

The lifestyle niche is about living your best and inspiring others to do the same. In 2022, this niche will be more popular than ever as people are looking for ways to improve their lifestyles and find balance. The lifestyle niche is great for influencers passionate about wellness, from healthy eating to mindfulness and fitness.

You can share business tips & tricks on various topics, review products related to lifestyle, or even create your online courses about living life to the fullest. This is an excellent way for you to make money while inspiring others to live their best lives.

Advantages of Lifestyle Niche

  • You can create your content and stand out from the crowd
  • Lifestyle is a broad and diverse niche with lots of potential for monetization
  • You can reach people from different age groups and backgrounds
  • The niche is evergreen and will never go out of style
  • It’s easy to get started and build a following quickly

12. Parenting Niche

Parents always seek advice and support regarding raising their children, making the parenting niche perfect for influencers with experience in this area. It’s a highly competitive space, but those with the know-how and the platform to share their knowledge can make it big in this niche.

From parenting hacks to recipes for picky eaters, influencers in this space have their work cut out for them! You can create content tailored to different age groups, from newborns to teenagers.

Advantages of Parenting Niche

  • You’re helping parents make more informed decisions about their children’s care.
  • You’re speaking to an engaged and passionate audience.
  • This niche is one of the most profitable niches and offers ample opportunities for monetization.
  • There are many sub-niches for Instagram you can explore.

13. Mental Health & Wellness Niche

Mental health and wellness have become increasingly important topics in recent years, making this an excellent niche option for influencers. You can share tips on maintaining mental and emotional well-being or create content encouraging people to find their paths to happiness.

Your content may include meditation advice, mindful living tips, and exercises to help reduce stress. You can also monetize your  Instagram business account categories through sponsored posts or selling courses on mental health topics.

Advantages of Mental Health & Wellness Niche

  • You’re helping people take better care of their mental health.
  • This niche is highly profitable and in demand.
  • You can share your healing journey, inspiring others to do the same.
  • There are many affiliate programs available for promoting related products or services.

14. Technology Niche

The tech industry is booming, and there’s no shortage of people eager to learn more about the latest technology. If you’re an expert in this space, the tech niche could be a great option. You can review products, offer tutorials on using certain gadgets or apps or even create content that compares different tech products.

The tech niche is highly profitable and provides plenty of monetization opportunities. You can create sponsored posts or even promote affiliate products to earn an income from your account.

Advantages of Technology Niche

  • You’re keeping people up-to-date on the latest tech trends.
  • The tech industry is constantly growing and evolving.
  • You can earn a good income from sponsored posts and affiliate programs.
  • There are many products you can review, which will keep your followers engaged.

What to Consider When Choosing Your Instagram Category 

Now, no matter what industry you choose, there are some important things to consider when selecting your Instagram category. 

Check the Size of your Target Audience

It’s important to ensure that the niche you choose has enough potential followers. If you select a niche with too small of an audience, it won’t be easy to grow your account and monetize it in the long run. Additionally, ensure that the people who follow this niche are interested in what you offer – if not, your content won’t be successful. 

Find the Middle Ground Between Passion and Profitability

The balance between passion and profit is important when selecting a niche. You want to pick something you’re passionate about but also something that has the potential for monetization. Make sure to research and find the right balance to get the most out of your Instagram account.

Analyze Your Competitors

Before diving into any niche; it’s a good idea to research and analyze your competition. This will give you an idea of the type of content that works well for this niche and the strategies other influencers use to succeed. The more knowledge you have of the niche, the better your chance of creating content that will engage and excite your followers.


Research What Brings High Engagement Rates

Finally, it’s important to research the type of content that brings high engagement rates. You want to create content your followers will engage with and interact with. This means looking into topics or ideas currently popular in this niche, as well as trends and stories from other influencers in the industry. 


The world of online money-making is ever-changing, and Instagram has quickly become its main hub. To stay ahead of the game, you must select a profitable niche that will keep your followers engaged in 2022. From fashion to travel, these 14 Most Profitable Instagram Niches offer something for everyone.

With an effective strategy and a little luck, you can make a good amount of money online from any of these niches. So what are you waiting for? Choose your niche and start seeing the rewards!