An enormous expansion is taking place in the fitness and wellness world. And a significant portion of it is attributable to social media posts made by fitness influencers. 

Influencers’ online fitness programs are extremely popular because of their structure. Regular folks with their own fat-to-fit experiences make up a large portion of non-celebrity influencers, which increases their relatability. Influencers in the fitness industry benefit their partner companies as well. Influencer marketing helps brands improve revenue, consumer engagement, and brand loyalty while also providing a higher return on investment. Here is a list of some of the most inspiring influencers in the US :

1. Liana Werner-Gray (@theearthdiet)

Number of followers:  39.4K followers

Who am I: Author, Nutritionist

Liana is an author, nutritionist, NF Chef, and Founder of @lianas.organics Anxiety-Free supps!! If you struggle with wanting to live a healthy lifestyle, you should definitely check her Instagram profile!! She posts day-to-day regular well-being tips and recipes each day! If you ever felt like recuperating your existence with nature, you’re in a right place! Everyone can touch in with mother earth just by scrolling through her incredible content!  

2. Gen Holistic Fitness Coach (@genibelm_)

Number of followers:  6,595 followers

Who am I: Fitness Trainer

This woman is not only a fitness trainer, she’s a passionate person with a willingness to share her knowledge with others! She teaches people how to lose weight, tone up, & at the same time feel energized! That’s the approach that very few people have in this industry and that outstands her among others!

3. Coach Jazz (@jazzitup_fit)

Number of followers:  9,864 followers

Who am I: Sports & Fitness Instruction

Have you ever met a truly successful person who puts their heart and all the effort into their passion and just reaches out as high as possible? Well, here is an example of such a person- Jazz is a Sports & Fitness Instructor who shares all her knowledge with others. She overs personalized movement and nutrition programs! It is way better to use the knowledge of someone who really knows the topics instead of trying and risking on your own… after all, it’s all about our health 😊 

4. Alejandra Cervantes (@alexthetrainer8)

Number of followers:  6,738 followers

Who am I: Sports & Fitness Instructor

Alejandra is a sports & fitness instructor who holds B.S. in Kinesiology Elite Performance Coach. As we can view on her Instagram profile for her: Every day is an opportunity to become your best self. And I think all of us should hold onto that thought! Movement and athletics became her real passion to the point, where she started sharing that with others! Just take a look at her content, she is a real inspiration for many people who follow her journey!

5. Kamilah Stevenson (@kamilahstevenson)

Number of followers:  61.8K followers

Who am I: Entrepreneur, Fitness Guru

Kamilah is an entrepreneur who wants to “make the world healthy & better”! And she’s been doing such a great job so far! If you need a definition of Wonder woman here it is: she is a Wellness Expert, Fitness Guru, Investor, the leader of @healthyandbetter, and Mompreneur!! If she can juggle all that in her life, there is no surprise that she’s so successful and has so many followers on Instagram!  There is one sentence tho, that she has on her profile and which everyone should hear: “Your health is your most precious asset and it is important that you allow absolutely no mishaps when it comes to staying healthy”. I JUST LOVE IT!

6. Ashley Lane (@ashleylane_official)

Number of followers:  16.6K followers

Who am I: Entrepreneur, Personal Trainer

Ashley is an entrepreneur, personal trainer & creator of the “The Fit Crew App”! wait what? She came up with a great app that can help anyone to get in shape? WOW! She gives a perfect solution to everyone who wants to get into the workout world! Also, her amazing content on Instagram is a trigger itself to start having some movement and to care more about our bodies! 

7. All Things Lisa Lit (@allthingslisalit) 

Number of followers:  30.8K followers

Who am I: Health/beauty content creator

Another beautiful and talented woman on our list! In her content, she focuses on so many things such as health/beauty, travel, food, fitness, and fashion!! As she states on her Instagram account: “Just here capturing my journey, growth, vibes”. She doesn’t just capture it; SHE IS A VIBE!! And everyone who scrolls through her amazing posts will find something inspiring and interesting!

8. Mikal Chancy (@mikal_chancy)

Number of followers:  19.6K followers

Who am I: Personal Trainer, Fit Coach

Mikal is a personal trainer, fitness coach, and nutrition coach! It’s literally the whole passage for someone new to the fitness and health worlds! What’s also worth mentioning are the values that she holds onto in her life: faith, family, and fitness! As we can see on her Instagram profile she’s a real fitness pro!

9. Monica Valenti (@_monica_valenti_)

Number of followers:  6,424 followers

Who am I: Health/beauty mentor

Monica’s areas of expertise are health and beauty! We can easily guess by reading through her amazing Instagram posts! We can learn so much from her profile: she is newlywed (CONGRATS!!), and a business mentor! She teaches how to be a foodie but with a healthy twist and promotes “at-home fitness”!!! She’s definitely a huge motivation and inspiration to start taking care of one’s health!

10. Kayleigh Miller (@kayleighmm)

Number of followers:  6,356 followers

Who am I: Personal Trainer, blogger

Kayleigh’s profile is one of the most unique and fascinating profiles I’ve ever gotten into! She shows a completely different and original approach to a healthy lifestyle. She is a musician, who improves people’s health through music! She’s a blogger: Musicians Health Collective, and has certs in Pilates, yoga, and personal training! She’s definitely focusing not only on the physical aspects of health but also on mental ones! I just love the content she shares with her follower! 



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The best fitness and health influencers are those who are enthusiastic about promoting healthy lifestyles in others. They provide knowledge and guidance on a wide range of topics, including diet, fitness, and mental health, using their platforms.