Travel, fashion, parenting, and home décor influencers are all examples of lifestyle influencers. No matter the specialty, lifestyle influencers are in demand today and are the driving force behind many successful product launches, promotions, and brand community-building initiatives.

Given that Instagram is one of the most widely used social media channels for influencers, we’ve chosen 10 lifestyle influencers that stand out from the crowd.


1. Serena Renée (@serenxrenee)

Number of followers: 10.4K followers

Who am I: Fashion & lifestyle blogger

Serena is a young and talented lifestyle influencer who runs accounts on both Instagram and TikTok! She is a fashion and lifestyle blogger, whose engaging content can bring anyone’s attention! Her posts are so inspiring and engaging, and I think everyone would dream about living such an interesting life!

2. AIMS (@aimeestanyard)

Number of followers: 5,345 followers

Who am I: blogger

Another young talent on our list is AIMS, who also runs both Instagram and TikTok accounts! All those young influencers are masters in multitasking, including AIMS!! She posts amazing content on fashion, beauty, and in general lifestyle topics! 

3. Calvin Chinthaka (@fashion_calvin)

Number of followers: 27.6K followers

Who am I: Fashion Photographer + Film Director

If someone asked what is the best way of living your life, I would say to try to see the world through the lenses, it adds extra colors and triggers imagination. Calvin is not only a fashion photographer but also a film director! So, creativity is definitely one of many attributes he has! I know what you’re thinking about right now: Calvin’s lifestyle equals a dream lifestyle!

4. Victoria Featherstone Pearce (@victoriapearcewriter)

Number of followers: 27.6K followers

Who am I: Writer

Did you know that Victoria represents victory in Roman mythology? If you didn’t our next influencer on our list is living proof of that!  Victoria is just killin’ it with her life and passion! She’s a writer Lux/Ethical Brand Ambassador for @damapreziosaofficial. She is an Award Win Influencer for @lifestyle_awards!!! And there is, even more, to love about her: she is a Co-Founder of the Dog Charity @thek9angels !! See? She’s just awesome! I told ya! 

5. The Renaissance Lady ™ (@therenaissancelady)

Number of followers: 11.3K followers

Who am I: Entrepreneur

The Renaissance Lady is another superwoman who’s an entrepreneur! Everything about her content on her Instagram profile is just awesome including her name 😉 She is a digital content creator who focuses on fashion, travel, and lifestyle, and the speaker and Mompreneur!! With so many talents she’s definitely a real renaissance person!

6. Paula Perry Cycle Breaker (@you4us_uk)

Number of followers: 5,622 followers

Who am I: Entrepreneur  

Another unique person on our list is Paula! She’s an entrepreneur, who “equips women to take control of their lifestyles! Through her hard work, she elevates mindsets for the future generation! I’m telling you she is a real Wonder Woman! I can fairly say that I aspire to become a strong and independent woman who can lift others through her hard work! Paula is a speaker, educator, and Best-Selling Author! Sooo many achievements! 

7. Nilufar Abdugafarova (@mummy.and.cihangiralp)

Number of followers: 21.9K followers

Who am I: Digital creator

When it comes to finding a person with a fascinating lifestyle, Nilufar is a GOAT! She is a digital creator who focuses on fashion, motherhood, and lifestyle in general! Soo many things and she just has to be excellent at multitasking, because I can only imagine how much time and work it takes to pull all of that!

8. Sara (@saras_trends)

Number of followers: 15.5K followers

Who am I: UK Influencer Health/beauty

Sarah is a UK lifestyle influencer, who likes to focus on fashion, health, and beauty! She is in charge of MGMT of @goaldiggercoachingltd & @rosesocialspr! She’s also an Arbonne independent consultant! Sarah is so talented and organized in every way! Scrolling through her Instagram makes me think: what a stylish life she has! 

9. Danii White (@daniiwx)

Number of followers: 12K followers

Who am I: Blogger

Danii is a blogger who focuses on fashion and lifestyle! It’s not hard to say after going through her amazing and vivid profile! She is amazingly engaged in creating content on her Instagram as she creates new posts very often! Definitely recommend checking out her awesome work!

10. Emma Burton (@emma_burton2809)

Number of followers: 30.2K followers

Who am I: Fitness Model

What’s the definition of a dream lifestyle? Easy way to answer that question! All you have to do is to go to Emma’s Instagram pages and everything will be as clear as it can be! She is a Fitness Model who also loves traveling! It already sounds so amazing, but you know what? She is also a child psychotherapist in training! What a thoughtful and interesting area of study! 


How to influence(r) your lifestyle?

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Written by Adrianna Antczak